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I think you are supposed to supply the context for the xpath expression as a
document binding (if that's the correct terminology) in a child element of
the <p:with-param> like this

<p:with-param name="p" select="/doc/foo">
    <p:pipe step="the-name-of-your-unnamed-declare-step" port="input" />


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Subject: Parameter value from an input port


  I am struggling with a simple problem, related to passing a
parameter to a step.  Let's assume I have the following step

    <p:declare-step type="my:step">
       <p:input port="input"/>
          <p:input port="source">
          <p:with-param name="p" select="..."/>

  The step has an input port, and calls another step, setting its
source port, and passing the parameter p.  The value of p must be
the value of a sub-element of the input port.  Let's say the
input port is bound to a document like:


and I want to pass the value of doc/foo as the value of the
parameter p (in pseudo notation, if the port was bound to a
variable, something like select="$input/doc/foo").

  I am sure this is a simple problem, and yet I cannot find an
answer.  Any idea?


Florent Georges

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