Re: xslt + diff question

Hi Jakob,

That's a perfectly valib XProc use case

it seems you will use
* p:directory-list
* p:for-each
* p:xslt
* p:compare

By all mean, the fact that XSpec is definitely more appropriate to unit
testing is unquestionable


On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 9:42 AM, Jakob Fix <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Having recognized the superiority of xproc ;) and wanting to wean
> myself off ant and friends, I have this first project in mind to apply
> my newly acquired knowledge:
> To check that modifications to our XSLT stylesheets have no side
> effects, I want to be able to run the modified stylesheets against a
> control set of input XML files and compare the outputs with previously
> generated reference outputs.
> Is this a valid use case for xproc?
> One other question is this: The stylesheet doesn't generate one output
> file but many via result-document (similar to the DocBook chunking
> mechanism). Will they be available directly via the xslt output port,
> or do I have to do a directory-list step?
> One final question: Although there is a compare step it seems to
> return only a Boolean. Are there steps that allow for more detailed
> results? Should I use exec with a traditional diff engine?
> thanks,
> Jakob.

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