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XPath context of p:wrap-sequence/@group-adjacent

From: Romain Deltour <rdeltour@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 23:54:13 +0200
Message-Id: <B1F21DC0-456E-449C-8F8F-35866F688074@gmail.com>
To: xproc-dev@w3.org
Hi XProc-ers,

Should the in-scope variables and options be available as variable  
binding in the XPath context when evaluating the @group-adjacent  
expression of a p:wrap-sequence step ?

The spec says: "The XPath context for the group-adjacent option  
changes over time. For each document that appears on the source port,  
the expression is evaluated with that document as the context  
document. The context position (position()) is the position of that  
document within the sequence and the context size (last()) is the  
total number of documents in the sequence."

but nothing is said about in-scope options and variables... I then  
assume that they should be available (as per the general description  
of XPath context in XProc).

The following pipeline raises XPathExceptions in both Calabash and  
Calumet, which (as far as I understand) would be a bug:

<p:declare-step xmlns:p="http://www.w3.org/ns/xproc" version="1.0">

   <p:input port="source" sequence="true">

   <p:variable name="myvar" select="2">
   <p:wrap-sequence wrapper="wrapper" group-adjacent="position() =  


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