Getting Dynamically generated error message within output file in p:catch


I have a series of XSLT transformation steps within a try catch
statement. The process fails at one of the transformations and I want
to output within the catch, a file with it's name and a message
containing the error that was generated however after reading the
xproc specs and searching the dev list I don't see a dynamic error
message handling example so was hoping someone could help me out.

Currently I'm outputting into my xml output file within the catch:

<c:file xmlns:c=""


... XSLT transformations.


        <p:group name="output">

          <p:documentation> Store XML file Output </p:documentation>
          <p:identity name="out_file"/>
          <p:store name="store">
            <p:with-option name="href"
select="concat($exception-folder, $fileName, '.xml')">
              <p:pipe step="out_file" port="result"/>

          <p:documentation> Create result XML </p:documentation>
            <p:input port="source">
              <p:pipe step="store" port="result"/>



Regards and happy New Year


Received on Friday, 1 January 2010 18:50:11 UTC