Re: Publicly available p:library-ies?

Happy birthday!  And welcome to XProc stuffs!

I had been thinking it would awfully useful to have just that.  Like a sort
of CPAN / CTAN / RubyForge / Hackage / whatever for XProc scripts.  An
additional nicety would be that things needn't be downloaded to be used,
canonical copies could be imported right off the site URL.

There are a lot of general utility convenience steps that would be useful
(e.g. given a URL, convert its HTML content to XML), also, recipes for
dealing with certain sites / programs / APIs (I've written things for
dealing with the local transit site, podcasts, and invoking mysql --xml via

One option that could make it easy for everyone to add stuff to their own
version would be to have a version of the project on GitHub.  YQL's Open
Tables [1] takes something like this approach.  The "Open Tables" are a sort
of library script for interacting with many common web APIs.  Additionaly,
these recipes could be (at least partially) automaticlly converted to XProc
recipes, as they're in XML (with some JavaScript for handling responses).

But having a central CPAN-style repository seems like the easiest interface
to finding what you need.  I'd be interested in doing something like that,
though I've never implemented something like that before. might
seem like the most obvious name for something like that, or perhaps linked
to from there.


On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Tony Rogers <> wrote:

> Hi!  I'm a new member.  Just joined a moment ago.
> *
> *
> *Quick about me:*
>    - My name's Tony
>    - I'm a student at the University of Maryland (Eastern USA).
>    - I just turned 26 today (yay!  I survived another year! :)
>    - I'm new to XProc as of around 3 weeks ago, but I am way excited to
>    see what I can do with it!
> *Question:*
>    - Is there a place where XProc users are beginning to share any
>    libraries they've created?
>       - If so, where?
>       - If not, anyone interested in starting one?
> Take care, everyone!  :)
> —Tony

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