Re: Thoughts on cx:zip

2009/5/26 Norman Walsh wrote:


> I've been working on a cx:zip step.

  Good news.  I am working on a ZIP module for EXPath too.  I am
abroad now, just a few comments/thoughts...

  If I am right, the actual content of entries can be retrieve either
from external URIs (for instance the file system) or from the source
port.  Is it possible to have the content for several entries from the
source port?

  The orientation I took is to be able, in addition, to put content
directly into the ZIP structure (what you call the manifest,) with an
indication it has to be serialized as XML, HTML, text or binary.

  For the function set, I have one function to read the ZIP structure
(the manifest,) one to read a particular entry (actually 4 functions,
to return either a document node, possibly from HTML, or a string or a
base64Binary,) one to create a brand-new file and one to update an
existing file.

  Actually, the update function does not modify the file itself, but
create a new one based on an existing ZIP file + some changes.  The
idea is to not avoid side-effects.  But I know XProc is not afraid by


Florent Georges

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