Re: xproc as an alternative to Apache ant

2009/5/25  <>:
>> > My immediate thoughts, posted as a comment:
>> >
>> >  XProc absolutely supports runtime options that can act like
>> >  properties and variables in ant and bash.
>> As per xslt params/variables? So I could import them
>> from an external file and use them?
> Absolutely, at least the parameters. If you store your parameters in a c:param-set document, you can pass this document to the parameter input port of your pipeline. Or you can load it using the p:parameters step.

I can declare parameters 'externally' in a param-set document (what is
the root element?) The c:param-set element  shows c:param-set which doesn't seem
right? Is it?

I can import them (I think) using
"7.1.18 p:parameters
The p:parameters step exposes a set of parameters as a c:param-set document."

Yet how is this linked to the external document? Syntax?

5.7.4 p:with-param
The p:with-param element is used to establish the value of a
parameter. The parameter must be given a value when it is used.
(Parameter names aren't known in advance; there's no provision for
declaring them.)
Which confuses me!

surely the external document defines the value, and declares the parameter?

What am I missing please?


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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