Re: Tracking dependencies and modification dates

Probably you should have a look at p:directory-list

Event if no date attribute are specified it is clearly stated in the spec that

Any attributes other than name on c:file, c:directory, or c:other are

So it seems obvious to me that many implementation will give timestamp
and ACL info in some implementation defined attributes


On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 8:38 PM,  <> wrote:
> Hello, today I discovered XProc and it seems the exact answer to a complex
> processing requirement I had, where Ant just didn't cut it. However, there
> is one Ant feature that seems to be missing from XProc: Tracking changed
> files and only executing a pipeline step if the date of a target file is
> lower than the date on a source file. In the case of XProc the date could
> also be given in the form of a parameter or an XPath expression. While I
> have some ideas on how to achieve tracking of modification dates (using
> p:external to generate a document with filenames and timestamps, writing an
> extension, using Ant to call Calabash), they all seem a bit inelegant to me.
> External tools are platform-dependent and will involve many p:choose
> elements, writing an extension is too much hassle, using Ant means using two
> tools instead of one. Maybe someone can recommend a better way of tracking
> modification dates and using them as a condition for pipeline steps. Or
> maybe this requirement is out of the scope of XProc and someone can point me
> to another way to do it. Greetings, Gabriel

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