Re: xproc use case, demonstrator

Dave Pawson <> writes:
> My first question, can xproc (even with extensions) do the same?
> for those who can read an ant script
> here it is.

I have every confidence it can, but I can't for the life of me see
what that ant script does. What is "" and what are the
expected properties?

You seem to be doing the following:

  Run to produce testvars.xml
  Run testvars.xml *with* ant
  Delete testvars.xml
  Run XSLT over input/build.xml to produce testvars.xml
  Run testvars.xml *with* ant *again*

That seems like a very strange Ant setup. What on earth is going on
that requires that much complexity?

> Secondly, is this the right list to ask for help in
> 'porting' it to xproc? If so would you help me
> with the port when I get  stuck please?

Yes, and of course.

> Might prove a useful demonstrator since
> it is non-trivial?

Sure. See also

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