Re: ANN: Updated XProc tutorial

>> will have a read .... would be more effective also to have this
>> outputted in html format, rather then ppt.

> +1 Jim. Proprietary formats don't do it for me.

+1 from me too!  :-)

In fact, I have created tutorials that were all HTML-based, e.g. my Microformat's tutorial is all HTML:

and also my Schematron tutorial:

After doing a couple these I abandoned using HTML for tutorials. It was taking me twice as long to develop the tutorial. I was spending more time scanning images and fiddling with the HTML markup and with CSS styling than I was with the actual content. And the result was nowhere near the quality of Powerpoint slides.

It you have suggestions on how to create HTML slides that is as easy as Powerpoint and yielding the same quality of content (and high quality HTML, i.e. semantic HTML), I'd love to hear them.


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