Re: How do you pass step options to p:data/@href???

Florent Georges <> writes:
>>    <p:exec command="tidy" source-is-xml="false" result-is-xml="true"
>>            wrap-result-lines="false">
>>     <p:with-option name="args" select="'-asxml --quiet yes --show-warnings no
>>  --doctype omit --numeric-entities yes --output-xml yes'"/>
>>    </p:exec>
>   That hurts the eyes the first time, but yes, I think this p:exec
> step is required, because p:unescape-markup does not require any
> support for a HTML to XML parser, making it implementation-dependent.

Calabash supports TagSoup for this purpose. So

  <p:unescape-markup content-type="text/html"/>

ought to do the right thing. Note, however, that TagSoup isn't as
aggressive as tidy about making "proper HTML".

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Received on Friday, 1 May 2009 18:07:43 UTC