XML Calaabsh 0.9.7 released

See http://xmlcalabash.com/

In version 0.9.7, I've fixed a raft of bugs and added a couple of new
extension steps.

 * Fixed bug that allowed ports explicitly marked primary="false" to
   sometimes become the default readable port.

 * Added new extension steps <cx:uri-info> and <cx:eval>.

 * Fixed bug that allowed err:XD001 to go undetected.

 * Fixed miscellaneous small bugs in <p:http-request>, <p:exec>,
   <p:load>, and <p:xinclude>.

 * Fixed bug that allowed err:XC0039 to go undetected on <p:xslt>.

 * Fixed bug where the content of parameter set inputs were not
   carefully checked.

 * Fixed bug where XML Calabash did not check carefully for the
   consistency of properties on inputs and outputs on the branches of
   a <p:choose>.

 * Fixed bug where options in no namespace were incorrectly assumed to
   be in the default namespace.

 * Fixed bug that allowed option types to go unchecked.

 * Fixed bug where text/* MIME types were interpreted as binary
   (base64) instead of text.

 * Made several improvements in error reporting (still a weakness in
   XML Calabash).

 * Support PUT and HEAD in <p:http-request>. Support GET on file:

 * Fixed bug where the auth-method option on <p:http-request> was not

 * Fixed bug where the RunTestReport class did not detect cases where
   a test passed when it should have failed.

 * Fixed bug where an error in a pipeline library sometimes did not
   cause XML Calabash to abort execution.

 * Fixed bug in the processing of the "-b" command line option. It was
   just totally wrong.

 * Support <p:import> in <p:library>.

 * Remove reference to internal Sun class for Base64 encoding.

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