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RE: (p:data) / p:http-request in p:for-each

From: Stefanie Haupt <st.haupt@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 2009 16:12:34 +0100
To: xproc-dev@w3.org
Message-Id: <1259766754.4297.147.camel@stefanie-laptop>
Thanks Vojtech,

I added the attribute-value-pair method="get" to the c:result elements
and removed it from the http-request call inside the loop. Now I know
why the pipe broke: there was a line break inside the arguments for

The pipe now works - almost - as I expect, except for the characters of
the read files. Using a single solution with p:data in connection with
tidy produces correctly encoded data, but with p:http-request I don't
seem to be able to get more than:

         <meta name="generator"
               content="HTML Tidy for Linux/x86 (vers 7 December 2008),
see www.w3.org"/>
PgoKPC9oZWFkPgo8Ym9keSBtYXJnaW53aWR0aD0iMCIgbWFyZ2luaGVpZ2h0PSIwIiBsZWZ0bWFy (....)

I tried adding arguments for character-encoding inside the tidy-args but
they are not reflected when using http-request.

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards,

Stefanie Haupt
Received on Wednesday, 2 December 2009 15:13:09 UTC

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