Re: How does a processor get selected?

2008/9/24 Norman Walsh wrote:

> "Florent Georges" writes:

>>   I didn't followed XProc really closely for a long time (I think the
>> last time I've read a draft was while flying to XML Prague...)  But is
>> there any mechanism similar to XSLT's import and import precedence,
>> allowing one user to overload a standard stylesheet to plug his own
>> logic and customization?

> No, but I don't think the XProc model really supports that kind of
> interchange. Unlike XSLT, which is a collection of templates, pipeline
> steps are tightly connected.

  Not the same way than in XSLT, but what for instance if we were able
to plug a processor on the link between two processors?  That would
enable one to create a proxy over (in front of or behind are maybe
better) a processor.  For example that would allow to make XInclude
processing at one point in a standard pipeline that didn't support
that initially.

  I am just thinking aloud...

  That's maybe something we'd be better experimenting after the XProc
REC, to get real usage for XProc 1.1...

Florent Georges

Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2008 16:01:43 UTC