Re: IRI Reference

You can find the pointer in the spec

RFC 3987] RFC 3987: Internationalized Resource Identifiers
M. Duerst and M. Suignard, editors. Internet Engineering Task Force.
January, 2005.

(with a typo indeed, instead of URIs in the name it should be IRIs)



On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 3:57 AM, James Garriss <> wrote:

>  From section 7.1.14:  The p:load step has no inputs but produces as its
> result an XML resource specified by an IRI... The value of the href option
> must be an anyURI. It is interpreted as an IRI reference.
> Ok, I know what a URI and a URL is, so what's an IRI?  I found it mentioned
> several times in the document, but no explanation.  Neither was it listed in
> the glossary.
> Appreciate any explanations (or pointers to an explanation),
> James Garriss

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