Re: calabash: p:wrap step (Henry S. Thompson) writes:
> Norman Walsh writes:
>> Perhaps we should allow the match pattern to match document nodes as
>> well so that you can wrap all the leading PIs, comments, and
>> whitespace.
> I'm not sure.  There's an easy workaround:
>  <p:wrap match="/node()" . . .
> Isn't that sufficient?

No, that'll fail as Mohamed pointed out, however, I think this will work:

  <p:wrap match="/node()" group-adjacent="true()"/>

> Strictly speaking,
>    <p:wrap match="/" wrapper="f"/>
> should wrap the document node itself, which ain't right, right?

I suppose. We'd have to make that a special case, I guess,

It occurs to me that if you want to wrap a whole document, you can use
p:wrap-sequence, too.

So there's nothing that we *need* to do here, it's only a question of
whether we think this is worth doing to violate the users expectation
of least surprise.

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