Re: Configuration options

I would go for the second option: allow to specify an XML configuration 
file. The configuration file can specify defaults that can be 
overwritten from the command line.

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George Cristian Bina
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Norman Walsh wrote:
> Not purely an XProc question, but...
> Calabash has grown enough command line options that it's become
> tedious to specify all of them. It might be nice to have some sort of
> a configuration for this (so you can specify schema awareness, URI and
> entity resolvers, and other things in a more convenient way than a
> long list of command line arguments).
> What's the right answer here? A Java .properties file on the class
> path? A new command line option to point to an (XML) configuration
> file? A ".file" in the current/home directory?
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>                                           norm

Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2008 08:20:26 UTC