Announce Calabash 0.8.6

I'm pleased to annouce that Calabash 0.8.6 has been released.

Recent changes:

  * Attempt to handle Windows-style path names on the command line
  * Allow import to import future versions of the XProc library
  * Catch err:XS0051
  * Attempt to support --entity-resolver and --uri-resolver hooks.
    Entity resolvers do not currently work.
  * Update the XPath static context locally, instead of globally, so
    that extension functions are only available where we want them to
    be available
  * Support c:data and content types and charsets
  * Don't make the extension functions available inside steps
  * In p:namespace-rename, rename attribute namespaces
  * In p:directory-list, make path absolute relative to base URI,
    support file: URI scheme where possible
  * In p:add-attribute, don't allow attribute named 'xmlns' to be
    added. Attributes of the form xmlns:x can't be added because they
    get caught by an earlier, different error
  * Detect missing required options on top-level pipelines
  * Fix bugs, report correct error codes, check for more static errors
  * Fix bugs in p:import
  * In ml:insert-document, make sure we encode in UTF-8
  * Make the 'phonehome is taking too long' message a warning so that
    is more likely to get printed
  * Cleanup unzip: @zip becomes @href, @name becomes @file; make the code
    actually work

                                        Be seeing you,

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Received on Sunday, 9 November 2008 22:35:00 UTC