Re: Entity Expansion

Thanks for the discussion and pointers.  Especially about serialization 
I'm particularly encouraged by your comment about "roll your own" because I 
too am not too happy with the existing streaming API's either but thought 
perhaps it was just my ignorance and maybe I was missing something everyone 
else thought was obvious :)

( although I think Binary XML could be relevent exactly because it is an 
alternate serialization of the infoset ... maybe its an option if it 
preserves the entire infoset ... but my first pass over that spec was that 
its prety complicated and likely inefficient ... but maybe a minimalist 
implementation would be a viable option)

One thing.
My read of

"Except where the semantics of a step explicitly require changes, processors 
are required to preserve the information in the documents and fragments they 
manipulate. In particular, the information corresponding to the [Infoset] 
properties [attributes], [base URI], [children], [local name], [namespace 
name], [normalized value], [owner], and [parent] must be preserved."
In particular the fragment "[attributes] ... must be preserved"
implies that adding xml:base attributes without explicitly requested is in 
direct violation of the spec.

the logic (in my head) is that the [attributes] properties is not preserved 
if you add to them.
Thus an implementation that adds any attributes (even magic ones like 
xml:base or xml:id or xmlns) without explicitly requested is in violation 

David A. Lee

Received on Saturday, 27 December 2008 17:47:41 UTC