RE: Any work on an xproc implementation in XSLT?

> Any work on an xproc implementation in XSLT?

For a couple of years now I'd had it in the back of my mind to do just
such a thing, or at least those parts that were relevant to what I was
doing. I have previously implemented a pipeline processor in XSLT for a
rather specific purpose but I'm always keen to go the way of the


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"Alan Painter" <> writes:
> But I'm curious if anyone (other than yours truly) has been thinking 
> about or working on an XSLT implementation of XProc.

Not that I know of, though Jim Fuller is doing one in XQuery which is a
related exercise.

> One couldn't do everything in XSLT, but it seems to me that a lot of 
> it could be implemented in this way and you would get a lot of the 
> implementation "for free".
> Try/Catch wouldn't work directly (except perhaps in the Saxonica SA
> extensions) but would require some redirection.
> Anyone else think that an XSLT implementation would be worth a shot?

The more the merrier!

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