Re: Calabash and http-request

--- Asketh Norman
This is either an opportunity for someone to point out why it would be
a really bad idea to add those dependencies or fair warning that the
next release will have them ... or both.

My oppinion is that adding these depancies and advanced features is an 
slippery slope.
If you need advanced features like cookie processing etc then you should be 
running a specialized
tool like "wget", which can be run from xproc as an external process step.
Its a slippery slope because "whats next" ? caching ? JavaScript ? ActiveX 
controls ?
AJAX ? Java applets ? Silverlight ? on and on ...
My oppinion is to keep the core functionality simple and clean and let 
people use custom external tools
for the fancy stuff.


David A. Lee 

Received on Monday, 22 December 2008 17:42:36 UTC