RE: p:xslt

> mozer <> writes:
> > I'm in trouble with your point 2)
> >
> > 2. If there is no binding for a parameter input port on the 
> top level
> >> pipeline (the one that you start executing first), then it
> >> automatically gets bound to an empty document.
> >
> > Did you really mean that ?
> No, I guess not really. Parameter input ports always accept a
> sequence, so if you don't pass any documents to it, that's just an
> empty sequence. But that's not exactly the same as binding it to
> p:empty.

I must admit I got confused: What about the primary parameter input port
of the contianing pipeline? If there is no binding for it, is it bound
to an empty sequence, or not?

As Dave pointed out, section 5.1.2 says: "If no binding is provided for
a parameter input port other than the
primary parameter input port, then the port will be bound to an empty
sequence of documents."


Received on Friday, 12 December 2008 15:06:29 UTC