RE: parameters

> >From the CR
> Steps may have parameter input ports, on which parameters can 
> be passed.
> 1. Only one parameter with any given name can be passed to a step.
> 1a. If multiple parameters with the same name are used, only one of
> the values will actually be available to the step.
> 2. A step can have zero, one, or many parameter input ports, and
> 2a. each parameter port can have zero or more parameters passed on it.
> >From which: If I interpret correctly.
> A step with a param port can take many parameters (2a)
> Yet
> The step will only 'get' one value (1a).
> Is it that any param port can take many 'name:value' pairs?
> or that a named param port can take multiple values (of which all but
> one will be lost - 1a)
> Confused.

Each parameter input port can take multiple parameters. If multiple
parameters with the same name are passed to a parameter input port, only
the last of these parameters will be available in that parameter input

However, if you have two (or more) parameter input ports, thay can
contain parameters with the same names with no problems; there is no
clash. Parameter input ports are completely separate from each other.

Let's say you have two parameter input ports: parameters1 and
Suppose you add these parameters to parameters1: aaa=1, bbb=2, ccc=3,
Suppose you add these parameters to parameters2: aaa=1
When you read from parameters1, you will get: bbb=2, ccc=3, aaa=4
When you read from parameters2, you will get: aaa=1


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