RE: Submitting test suite results to

> > I'm open to suggestions for changes/improvements.
> I think that for the tests that are expected to fail, the 
> schema should
> distinguish between three possible cases:
> - processor did not fail
> - pricessor did fail with proper error code
> - processor failed, but with a different error code (and 
> interpret this
> as 50% success or something like that?)

I just saw that the schema supports this, so ignore me.

But maybe the testsuite could (should?) support something else: For
steps that store content to external locations (p:store,
p:xsl-formatter, ...), it would be nice to have facilities for checking
that this content actually gets saved and is correct. That is, that the
file exists, that it is non-empty, and - in case of XML documents - that
the content is OK.


Received on Thursday, 4 December 2008 16:33:16 UTC