Re: Invalid cid URI syntax in xop:include examples

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Jonathan Scott wrote:

We opened issue rec40 [1].
Note that there is already a proposed resolution for it.
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> In the "XML-binary Optimised Packaging" specification at
> the syntax of the href attribute on
> xop:include is defined in section 4.1 to use the "cid:" form of URI as
> specified by RFC 2392.  However, in the examples, the href attribute is
> shown with values consisting of "cid:" prefixed to an HTTP URI, which as
> far as I know is not syntactically valid according to RFC 2392.  According
> to this RFC, a cid URL is syntactically equivalent to an RFC822 e-mail
> address, in the general form local-part@domain.
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