Behavior of Requesting node on a 3XX response in the SOAP HTTP Binding

Per my AI here is the email that I had promised to send regarding the 
behavior of a requesting node on a 3XX redirection status code to a POST 

Table 17 in [1] lists the following as the 'Significance/Action' on 
receiving a 3XX status code --

"The requested resource has moved and the HTTP request SHOULD be retried 
using the URI carried in the associated Location header field as the new 
value for the 

and the next state defined is: "Init"

It is unclear what this means for the 
"" MEP. There are 
several 3XX status codes which require different behavior (per HTTP). 
Specifically, 303 requires the requester to use the GET method on the 
resource, whereas typically for a 307 the requester will re-POST the 
same message at the new URI available in the Location HTTP header.

If the requester uses a GET method on a 303, is the MEP still the 
request-response MEP? Table 16, (which describes the fields in the Init 
state), specifies that the HTTP method is set as per the 
"" which is 
unchanged after the 3XX response (the only thing that changes is the 
'ImmediateDestination'). OR if a requester uses the GET method on 
receiving a 303 is it conformant to the SOAP HTTP binding as defined by 
SOAP 1.2, part 2: Adjunct. There seems to be conflict in trying to 
remain conformant to the HTTP spec and the SOAP HTTP binding when a 303 
is received.

It seems to me that an errata that clarifies that a 3XX may change the 
value of "" 
would allow implementations to be conformant to the HTTP spec and the 
SOAP HTTP binding.



Received on Wednesday, 3 August 2005 07:49:38 UTC