Resolving Issue 467


You submitted a comment[1] on the Representation Header spec, classed
Issue 467[2]. The XMLP WG considered your comment on their telephone
conference this week and decided to amend the first paragraph of Section
2.1 to read:

"The Representation header block is designed to allow applications to
carry a representation of a Web resource in a SOAP message. Applications
of this header include cases where the receiver has limited ability to
get the representation using other means, for example because of access
restrictions or because the overhead would be unacceptable. The
representation header is also required when multiple references to the
same extracted content are required but duplication of extracted content
is undesirable. See UC 2 and UC 6 for details."

where UC2 and UC6 will be bibliographic references to our use cases

I trust this resolution addresses your concern. If it does not please
let the WG know as soon as possible.


Martin Gudgin
For the XML Protocol Working Group


Received on Wednesday, 26 May 2004 12:46:35 UTC