Resolution of issue Rec20

On the 12th of May, the XML Protocol WG voted to close issue Rec20 by
adopting the following resolution statement:

SOAP envelopes are XML 1.0 at the infoset level. application/soap+xml
remains 1.0 only and remains the only mandatory http media type. Other
bindings or media types MAY use XML 1.1 serialization to get the NEL char,
for example, but not to enable new element names, char content etc (at this
time). We will leave tracks in the rec resolution about the difficult
choice we made, perhaps contact the tag, and indicate that we can
reconsider when schema goes 1.1

The WG agreed to support this resolution by making changes to clarify the
statement within our documents.
On the 19th of May telcon, the XML Protocol WG voted to confirm the closure
of  issue Rec20 (SOAP 1.2 and XML 1.1) by adopting the following text
changes to the Part 1 errata:

   The proposal in
   together with a link to the Binding Framework sectin when referring to
   XML 1.1
   The proposal in
   The proposal in
   The proposal in with
   the following modifications. Section 3.1 changes agreed as-is. Section
   4.3, last paragraph should say "MUST be serialized as
   application/soap_xop+xml" instead of "MUST be serialized as XML 1.0".
   Section, changing "The XOP Infoset MUST be serialized using XML
   1.0 in the root part of the package" to "The XOP Infoset MUST be
   serialized as application/soap_xop+xml in the root part of the package"
   The proposal in with
   the inclusion of a reference to RFC 2732.

No changes will be made to the Part 2 errata.

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