Possible new issue: Miffy content in Miffy content

When the scope of MTOM was SOAP-only, it seemed that the likely rule would

      Don't use xbinc:include in the SOAP envelope, it's for use by

Now that we are considering miffy, there are questions about including one
miffy-based format in another.  Here's a concrete if somewhat contrived

a) imagine a vcard-like XML format that allows inclusion of someone's
picture.  Enable that for miffy so that the picture can be carried
b) Question:  can you carry such a vcard as part of the content of a soap
body or header?  What are the miffy processing rules of that SOAP envelope
is itself Miffy encoded?

This seems to be an example of a more general issue, relating to the
combination of miffy-enabled formats.  Of course, this is all somewhat
complicated by the somewhat strange relationship of the
application/soap_mtom_xml media type to the surrounding multipart/related.

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Received on Tuesday, 2 December 2003 12:57:55 UTC