Issue #41 closed


As the creator of issue 41 [1] against the SOAP 1.2 specification, I can
inform you that the XML Protocol WG [0] has decided to close the issue
with the resolution described below. If this is not acceptable to you
then please respond to this mail with a detailed description of your
concerns and preferably what you see not being addressed as part of the


The following text is an extract from a proposal [2] produced by Stuart
Williams as part of two longer threads [3][4] that you may want to look
though for background. The WG adopted the resolution text with the
understanding that it NOT be incorporated into the SOAP 1.2 spec as such
although it of course is a permanent reference for the XML Protocol WG
issues list [5].

SOAP 1.2 does not provide any normative means to carry the identity of
ultimate recipient within a SOAP envelope. SOAP 1.2 does provide a means
identify the roles that a SOAP header block is targetted to.
SOAP 1.2 does not provide any normative means for the expression of a
message path with a SOAP envelope. However, it does provide means for
development of SOAP extensions that provides for such expression within
header blocks. [Work to define a message routing extension for SOAP may
the subject of future WG activity within the W3C.]

Thank you,

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


Received on Wednesday, 20 March 2002 20:46:35 UTC