Issue 178 closed: requirements imposed by end-to-end features

During the 25th-26th February face to face meeting, the SOAP WG has 
decided to close issue 178 [1] with the following resolution:

We delete the last sentence of the last paragraph in part 1, section
5.1 [2] and add an explanatory note. The result is:

"The combination of the SOAP extensibility model and the SOAP binding
framework provides some flexibility in the way that particular features
can be expressed: they can be expressed entirely within the SOAP
envelope (as blocks), outside the envelope (typically in a manner that
is specific to the underlying protocol), or as a combination of such

Note: Certain features may require end-to-end as opposed to hop-to-hop
processing semantics. While the binding framework provides for the
possibility that such features may be expressed outside the SOAP
envelope, it does not define a specific architecture for the processing
or error handling of these externally expressed features by a SOAP
intermediary. A binding specification that expresses such features
external to the SOAP envelope should define its own processing rules to
which a SOAP node is expected to conform (for example, describing what
information must be passed along with the SOAP message as it leaves the
intermediary). It is recommended that, where practical, end-to-end
features be expressed as SOAP header blocks, so that SOAP's processing 
rules can be employed."




Received on Monday, 4 March 2002 08:08:46 UTC