Closing of Issue 55


The WG has decided to close issue 55 [1] with the resolution stated



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From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen 
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 17:32
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Subject: Issue 55: Proposed resolution


You are listed as the initiator of the editorial issue 55 [1] (Subject:
Examples needed for encoding/encapsulation) which is based on
requirement 506 [2]. I inherited an action item from the ETF [3] to try
and resolve the issue so here goes...

The issue states that: "The SOAP 1.1 specification partially fulfils
this [506] requirement. It provides one mechanism for encapsulation and
encoding of data with limited examples of extensibility. The XP
specification must broaden these mechanisms via use cases."

Given that:

* The SOAP 1.2 spec provides a modular mechanism by which it is possible
to use multiple representations of user data including plain schema
based (document literal), using the SOAP encoding provided in part 2, or
some other encoding entirely, potentially involving data carried outside
the envelope (we at least do not claim to preclude this).

* The usage scenario WD [4] contains several examples of encoding data
both using document literal and the SOAP 1.2 encoding.

* The primer [5] provides several documented examples and use cases of
both document literal and the SOAP encoding.

would it be reasonable to suggest that we may at the current time cover
the call for multiple mechanisms brought forward and close the issue?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


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