Re: issue #30 closed

Looks fine to me.  I'm more than satisfied with openning the issue to deal 
with my concerns.  Thank you.

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        Subject:        issue #30 closed

With the acceptance of the following resolution to issue #30, the
issue was closed.

 1) The editors shall
   a) remove the mentions of the attribute information items 'id'
and 'href' from sections 2 of both parts of the spec, for these
are encoding-specific attributes,
   b) add the text into section 4 of the Adjuncts, something
along the lines of

 "SOAP Encoding uses unqualified attribute information items with
a local name of id and a type of ID in the namespace to specify the unique
identifier of an encoded element.
 SOAP Encoding uses unqualified attribute information items with
a local name of href and a type of anyURI in the namespace to specify a reference
possibly to elements specified by and ID per above, possibly to
other (even external) resources, in a manner conforming to the
XML Specification, XML Schema Specification, and XML
Linking Language Specification.

 2) The issues-list maintainer shall open an issue according to
the following copy of Noah's reaction to my first proposed
resolution (done - opened as issue #165):

------------- Noah's issue
 I think we need to say a bit about which such URI's are
guaranteed derferenceable, and which not.  We may need to say
that the answer depends on features supported and/or binding.
For example, I hope it's guaranteed that with SOAP+Attachements
(a potential feature), references to attachements are guaranteed
to resolve.  On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't expect a
similar guarantee for a reference to, if I'm processing
the message on a Palm Pilot that is currently disconnected from
the rest of the Web.  The text you give is ambiguous, but could
lead readers to believe that Web connectivity is required to do
conforming processing of SOAP messages.  Thanks.
 ------------ end Noah's issue

                            Jacek Kopecky


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