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I am a member of UDDI-China.org which is focused on promotion of Interop
Stack technology(SOAP/WSDL/UDDI) in China. Now during the translation for
SOAP 1.2, I found some mistakes. I provides here, hope be helpful.

1st. Section 1.2

"This specification uses the augmented Backus-Naur Form (BNF) as described
in RFC-2616 [5]."

the reference is missing linked.

2nd. Section 1.3

SOAP messages may be bound to different underlying protocols and used in a
variety of message exchange patterns. The following example shows SOAP used
in connection with HTTP as the underlying protocol taking advantage of the
request/response mechanism provided by HTTP (see section section 6).

the last notations should be "see section 6" instead of "see section section


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