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Re: XML Encryption interop report

From: Takuya Mori <moritaku@bx.jp.nec.com>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 18:18:57 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <20030509.181857.351237444.tk-mori@isd.nec.co.jp>
To: xml-encryption@w3.org

Hi! Joseph,
Thank you for you updating the interop matrix pages

The bellow is my reply to your comments.

> Like in xmldsig, do you have a URI for the software that I can include on 
> the front page?

Currently we are working on preparing a page and trial version for our
software.  I will tell you the URL when it is finished.

> >   * Normalized Form C generations.:				N (*1)
> > Encryption:							Y
> >   * Serialization of XML Element and Content.:			Y
> >     1.NFC conversion from non-Unicode encodings(dchanged
> >       such that the application MUST provide data in NFC form)	N (*1)
> >   *1:  Our not supporing these features is intentional.
> Can I ask why this is?

Because the Japanese coded character sets, JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208,
which are very popular in Japan, do not have interoperability with
the Unicode NFC form.

Only one character, 'ANGSTROM SIGN(codepoint 02-82)' in JIS X 0208,
is not supported in the NFC form.
The character is mapped to 'U+212B: ANGSTROM SIGN' in the Unicode,
and U+212B will be noramlized into U+00C5.
There are no Unicode to JIS mapping defined for U+00C5.

Currently we don't have any solutions for this problem, so we do not
support the NFC feature in our product.

> >     node-sets(I.e. super-decryption).:				Y3 (*2)
> >   *2:  If the meaning of "Profiled X Pointer support" is "support
> >        for the same-document XPointers '#xpointer(/),
> >        #xpointer(id('ID'))' as described in The Reference
> >        Processing Model", we think we support the feature.
> So you support '#xpointer(/) and '#xpointer(id('ID'))' to identify elements 
> *after* they've been decrypted?

Yes, we support the feature.

    Takuya Mori
    moritaku@bx.jp.nec.com / tk-mori@isd.nec.co.jp
    Internet Solution Platform Development Div.,
    NEC Corporation, Tokyo Japan
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