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Updated Charters and Refactoring XML Signature and XML Encryption

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:27:08 -0500
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Please note that the XDSIG and XENC charters were extended until December 
(and XENC's IPR mode now references the CPP) in order to finish moving the 
last specs from Proposed Recommendation to Recommendation. For the longer 
term, in various fora I've asked and encountered questions about 
refactoring XML Signature and Encryption in light of newer specifications 
which I've now tried to capture in the form of a FAQ [3]. Comments are 

[1] http://www.w3.org/Encryption/2002/06/xmlenc-charter
[2] http://www.w3.org/Signature/charter-20020607
[3] http://www.w3.org/2002/10/xsec-refactoring.html
Refactoring XML Signature and XML Encryption

          Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
          $Revision: 1.2 $ on $Date: 2002/10/30 23:19:00 $ GMT


   This document describes some possible areas and issues related to
   future work on XML Signature (XDSIG) and XML Encryption (XENC) --
   jointly (XSE) -- by capturing common questions and their (sometimes
   incomplete) answers. This is not intended to be a introduction,
   tutorial, or FAQ about these specifications; instead, it is a fairly
   technical discussion of XML architecture and dependencies.

Status of this document

   This is a personal draft, with no formal standing, soliciting
   discussion and comment. I'm sure there are errors and confusion which
   readers are encouraged to note and send to the author.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Infoset
         1. Is XDSIG based on XML Infoset?
         2. Can XDSIG they work with Infoset applications?
         3. Can XENC applications encrypt Infoset Items?
    3. Schema
         1. Can XDSIG work with XML Schema applications?
         2. How does XENC affect an instance's validity?
    4. XML 1.1 and Namespaces 1.1
         1. Will XSEC applications work with XML 1.1 and Namespaces 1.1?

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