Re: nonce length

On Tuesday 08 January 2002 10:04, Christian Geuer-Pollmann wrote:
> about the use of the IV in block encryption in CBC mode:
> [Menezes/Orschoot/Vanstone] state in Remark 7.16 (integrity if IV in
> CBC):
>   "While the IV in the CBC mode need not be secret, its
>    integrity should be protected, since malicious
>    modifications thereof allows an adversary to make
>    predictable bit changes to the first plaintext
>    block recovered."

Is this specified as a distinct mode from CBC? I'm most comfortable doing 
things that have been well specified and already used. So I prefer we say 
CBC IV doesn't give integrity (nor must the IV be secret) but there are 
other modes and approaches. If a CBC with ECB encrypted IVs is specified, 
reviewed, and used then I'd be interested in using that, but I'm not sure 
we should specify it... (See the new 6.3)


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