RE: Minor comments on Section 4

Blair wrote

>we're ambiguous in Step 3.1 about who is responsible for
>serializing the data.

I don't think the text is ambiguous because all the steps starts out with
"the encryptor must:".  Hence all the steps are the Encryptor's responsibility
unless otherwise specified.  Unless there is a good reason otherwise, I
wouldn't want the application to have the handle the serialization of XML
Elements and Content.

On a related topic, for non-XML data where we require the application to
do the serialization (because the Encryptor can't do arbitrary serialization),
does it make sense to allow the application to provide a hint in <EncryptedData>
how the the serialization was done?  I'm thinking of the receiving end,
where the Decryptor want's to de-serialize the data and wants to know how
the serialization was done.


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Received on Wednesday, 19 September 2001 18:05:10 UTC