minor suggestions in 3.2 (CipherData)

In section 3.2, reference (for digest) is to section 5.6; should be 5.7. 

Also, I suggest to add a comment clarifying that the digest (hash) is of the
plaintext, to avoid implementors hashing the ciphertext (encrypted data) by

Suggested new text: 

The optional set of ds:DigestMethod and ds:DigestValue elements are provided
for ensuring the integrity of the encrypted data, by providing a digest
(hash) computed over the data to be encrypted (plaintext). See section 5.7
of the algorithm specification for more information.

I think it'll also be good to add description of the relevant processing to
section 4, I can suggest some text. 

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Received on Monday, 3 September 2001 02:33:52 UTC