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RE: Attribute encryption & Blair's message

From: Ed Simon <ed.simon@entrust.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:57:27 -0500
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Yes, but if one wants to encrypt an attribute in a high level element that
will mean a lot of information will be unnecessarily encrypted and become
inaccessible.  If XML systems designers want to be able to encrypt
attributes without encrypting the entire element and if XML Encryption can
define an efficient, robust way of doing that, why not?

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From: Philip Hallam-Baker [mailto:pbaker@verisign.com]
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 1:48 PM
To: 'Ed Simon'; 'xml-encryption@w3.org'
Subject: RE: Attribute encryption & Blair's message

The difficulty is that some XML system designers find it UNacceptable to be
not to use attributes.  

There is nothing to stop designers using attributes, the only restriction is
that you can't mix encrypted and unencrypted data in the same element -
whether attributes or data or whatetever.
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