Re: Requirements and Goals for the Design of an 'XML Encryption Standard'

Dear Arne,

--On Montag, 20. November 2000 21:37 +0100 wrote:

>>> If you want to compress you instances before encryption - do so!
>> People didn't seem keen on compression.
> Maybe we should use the term "redundancy removal" instead of compression.
> This should be possible to harden encrypted docs against known-plaintext
> attacks.
> How this is technically achieved should be considered later.
> But it may be achieved via compression.
> According to the meeting minutes there mainly seem to be legal
> considerations
> against compression. Aren't there any patent free compression algorithms?
> We think on gzip or bzip that are published under GNU license.

Compression could be done using arbitrary techniques like GZip or Millau 


[1] Millau: an encoding format for efficient representation and
    exchange of XML over the Web

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