Re: Encrypting parts of a Text-Node

At 21:37 11/14/2000 +0100, Christian Geuer-Pollmann wrote:
>>I still don't understand...
>In [1], there is mentioned
>  "Each character is a logically separate information
>   item, but XML applications are free to chunk
>   characters into larger groups as necessary or desirable."
>But if we talk about "Nodes" in a "Tree", all characters are grouped into a 
>whole node. If the smallest encryptable unit is a node, it would not be 
>possible (allowed ?) only to select specific parts of a text block 
>(character node).
>Should it be allowed to encrypt only parts of a character node without 
>adding markup prior to encryption?

Aha! I understand. In my opinion, this is not presently done by any of the 
proposals, doing this might be technically awkward (going beyond even the 
complete Information Set data model to XPath range like constructs over 
CDATA!), and IMHO I don't see enough compelling cases to go to the effort of 
doing it.


Joseph Reagle Jr.
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