Re: Requirements and Goals for the Design of an 'XML Encryption Standard'

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>> R3.4.1                XES MUST define a uniform naming scheme for
>> serialization/transformation/encryption algorithms
> What does this mean? I don't _think_ we've identified a desire to create
> a transformation process like that in Signature. Also what do you mean by
> transformations?

Wouldn't transforms make sense? At the workshop, there was the diecussion 
about c14n and compression, which read (if I understood it right):

* If you want to c14n you instances before encryption - do so!
* If you want to compress you instances before encryption - do so!

but how do we indicate what we did if we don't have a list of 
transformations? This would make the "compression or not" discussion 
obsolete, because the application could choose.

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