Re: Requirements and Goals for the Design of an 'XML Encryption Standard'

Requirements R4.1 and the one below R4.2 (misnumbered as R4.1.3) read,
"XES MUST define an encryption mapping from plain-text XML-documents to
encrypted ones," and "The result of decrypting an encrypted XML-document
MUST be a well-formed XML-Document."

I didn't see a statement that decrypting an encrypted document should
give you back what you started with.

Or is it only supposed to give you back something which is (in some
sense) "equivalent" to what you started with?  This relates to my
question in another message about canonicalization.

It seems to me that we have the power to give back bit for bit what was
encrypted, since that is how encryption algorithms work.  This would of
course provide equivalence for the widest set of requirements.

Hal Finney
PGP Security

Received on Sunday, 12 November 2000 15:47:51 UTC