Draft Minutes Available


Thank you to all the folks that participated and made this an interesting 
and productful meeting.

Special THANKS TO: all the presentors and the folks who were good enough to 
scribe: Marc Briceno, Joe Latone, Eric Prud'hommeaux, and Shivaram Mysore. 
I've done a fair amount of tweaking/massaging to fit it all together and try 
to ensure the content's format is lightweight/accessible; any errors 
introduced are my own. (Please send suggestions/comments/corrections.)

SLIDES: I still need to post (either I haven't received them, I lost them, 
or I can't view them without error) slide notes (a single document in 
ASCII/HTML, eg [1]) from Wiley, Imamura, Cohen, Fox, and Owen.

ACTION ITEMS: (Correct me if I got it wrong!)

1. Barb Fox: proposals and scenarios for CBC mode and the need for sequence 
numbers, and for threshold encryption schemes.
2. Dave Solo: Scenarios for using XML Encryption with XML Encryption 
(signed/encrypt, encrypt/sign, etc.)
3. Jim Schaad: Brief description of candidate algorithms: Key transport RSA 
V, key info, key name, padding algorithms, mandatory implemented 
algorithms.  In case of mandatory implemented algorithms, one of each 
category must be implemented by default.  No more than one is mandatory in a 
particular category is necessary (result after issue brought up by Nimisha, 
Groove Networks and answered by the group).
5. Joseph Reagle: Check with Patent Working Group and look into Protocols 
Charter (Eric, W3C) about issues on Intellectual Property and Licensing Fees.
6. Joseph Reagle: Propose text on validation.
7. Joseph Reagle: Update requirements document.
8. Joseph Reagle: Move charter forward.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2000/11/02-xml-encryption-ws/geuerpollmann/index.html

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