RE: Proposed resolution for issue 440


Sorry for the confusion. The intent was only to prohibit WITHIN the
multipart/related that contains the SOAP envelope. 

Phew! Glad we cleared that up...


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> Gudge says:
> I'm afraid I don't understand any of the below. Why could 
> MTOM multipart/related packages not be transmitted over HTTP? Or SMTP?
> All we are saying in PASWA/MTOM is that for the 
> multipart/related 'package' that contains the SOAP envelope 
> every other MIME part in that 'package' MUST be referenced by 
> EXACTLY one xbinc:Include in that envelope.
> Dale replies:
> OK, with that clarification (which I proposed in about the 
> 3rd paragraph), my concerns are lessened a bit. 
> My point was that you cannot prohibit, for example, combining 
> that multipart/related MTOM bundle with something else in, 
> for example, a multipart/mixed or a different encompassing 
> multipart/related. If you did assert that those combinations 
> were prohibited, you would be violating what is officially 
> allowed for the MIME entity conveyed by SMTP or HTTP 
> transports. What is the difficulty in understanding that?
> However, you are not prohibiting those combinations, as you 
> have now indicated. Thanks for your clarification. 

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