Re: [AF] relative URIs for attachments

I haven't followed your work in detail, but perhaps the following suggestion
will be helpful:

At 02:27 PM 9/12/2002 +0200, Herve Ruellan wrote:
>I don't think we should change the definition of a Secondary Part which is 
>currently (i.e. keep URI, and do not replace it by URI reference):
>Secondary Part
>A document or entity related to the primary SOAP message part in some 
>manner. A secondary part is a resource in the sense that it has identity 
>and is identified by a URI. The representation of the resource can be of 
>any type and size. Secondary parts are informally referred to as attachments.

This definition uses five different nouns as synonyms for "secondary part": 
document, entity, resource,
representation, and attachment.  Of these the only one that makes sense to 
most readers is
"attachment".  An attachment can be, eg, an executable program: not much 
like a document.
An "entity" adds nothing.  Both "resource" and "representation" lead to 
such an involved discussion
amongst Web experts that the value of these words in a useful specification 
has to be questioned.

Perhaps you will consider starting over:
Secondary Part

A collection of bits referenced by a URI in the primary SOAP message and 
transferred along with that message.  Secondary parts
related to SOAP messages as "attachments" related to e-mail messages.

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