Re: New AFTF draft.

Jean-Jacques writes:

>> They're not resources, but representations of resources? 

Interesting question.  Yes, MIME representations usually "represent" a 
resource, which is in any case often an abstract thing.  What's confusing 
me in this case is that there may, in this case, be no other embodiment of 
the resource anywhere in the world.  With a Web GET, you leave the 
resource behind and pull a representation.  At least sometimes with SOAP 
Attachments, you'll actually be moving the resource with the message, 
albeit by sending information in the form of a representation.  So there's 
a sense in which it's always a representation, but sometimes it is the 
resource as well. 

I'm not making a concrete suggestion one way or the other, just pointing 
out this perspective in case it's useful to anyone.  Thanks.

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