Re: Web method values as QNames (was Re: FW: LC Comments: Web Method Feature

Mark Baker writes:

>>But if other SOAP libraries are going to have the 
>> same issue as Axis - that they need a URI to 
>> QName-ize the HTTP method - then having a
>> standardized one would probably help in these ways;

Interesting.  Some of you may remember that my first proposal for doing 
GET in SOAP was to invent a REST:GET body element, and to have the HTTP 
binding recognize that as a special case that would be sent on the wire as 
HTTP GET.  When the task force convened to produce the actual 
specification, that approach did not meet with concensus. 

I am not suggesting any changes in the spec, or that we made a mistake. 
I'm just noting that what Sam wants for Axis is not far from (though not 
necessarily identical to) what we considered along the way.  Were it 
earlier in the process, I might argue for reconsidering our SOAP design. I 
think what we have is more than acceptable.  If Axis wants to trigger 
web-method using what appears to be the QName of a SOAP body entry, then 
Axis can do so.

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