Comments from the Multi-modal Iinteraction WG on LC SOAP 1.2

I apologize for the lateness of these comments; we hope that they'll 
still be useful.

The MMI WG is interested in SOAP especially as it applies to
mobile devices for a variety of reasons. For instance, it is applicable to
coordinating multimodal interaction involving a visual interface in a 
cell phone and a speech interface supported in the network. SOAP would be
used to convey events between the visual and voice interfaces. SOAP 
would also allow scripts running in mobile devices to access network
services as an alternative to reloading web pages etc.

Our main comment is that we are concerned that SOAP 1.2 may be too 
heavyweight for resource-constrained devices such as cell phones. 
We would like to request that the XML Protocol working group address 
the needs of resource constrained devices like cellphones, and consider 
developing a mobile profile with involvement of mobile companies.

Debbie Dahl, Unisys, Chair, MMI WG

Received on Monday, 29 July 2002 14:16:01 UTC